Welcome on Chevalim, the Horse, Mare, Foal and Stallions ration calculator.

Par le créateur de Dogalim

Elaborated from the rationing sheet described in the book :

'Alimentation du cheval', Roger WOLTER as well as 'Tables des apports alimentaires INRA 2011'

Chevalim will allow you to easily and precisely compare nutritious needs for your horse.

The ration table is automatically filled according to data that you will have specified, without any calculation or intervention of your part.

ration table ration graph

Possibilité d'utiliser des aliments traditionnels ou industriels (compostions à renseigner).

alim table

Database suitable for:

Horses at rest, work or breeding (choice of intensity level work / repro ),

Mares at work or at reproduction (gestation or lactation),

Growing foals, with an adult weight ranging from 200 to 800 kg.